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a creative way to preserve your bouquet


















and a good alternative to purchasing something generic from a gift registry

If you are interested in having your bouquet painted or in gifting someone with a painting,

it would be such an honor and delight paint something special for you!


I prefer to work from life rather than from photography – 

painting in this way allows for greater creative freedom within the process and final composition

 I am happy to pick up your bouquet for an additional $25 charge if you are located in Durham, NC. 

Please coordinate a pick-up or drop-off with your

florist, event space, wedding planner, bridesmaid, family member... you name it!


I will hang-dry your bouquet after it is painted as a complimentary service upon request



11x14 - $100           16x20 - $130          20x24 - $150           24x30 - $200           30x40 - $300


Wedding Bouquet Paintings
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