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This time last year, I had just finished up the school year and was beginning my transition to full-time art making. It has been such an incredible and challenging season of discovery as I've attempted to find a style and stick with it.

Last September, I had the opportunity to learn from an amazing Asheville based artist, Grace Carol Bomer. Her work with Cold Wax and Oil paint has completely informed my process ever since I left her studio. However, as I'm trying to identify my own style, I've felt stuck and have desired a more comprehensive understanding of the techniques and processes that are possible when working with oil paints.

So, I'm over the moon because all week I'm in NYC, studying under the incredibly talented Joshua LaRock. I met him at an artist conference in Colorado Springs a few years ago and have followed his work ever since. Check out the video below... simply exquisite.

I'll be posting my art and development as I learn this week!

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