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The Season's Flora

The Bolts and Blooms series has kept me busy, as Ive been focusing on the flowers that are produced when fruits and vegetables put forth seed. For those of you who are new to gardening like me, you might be wondering what a bolt is. A few months ago, I saw a Kale bolt for the first time and thought it was broccoli!

Here's what I've learned: Some plants, like strawberries, tomatoes, and beans, will begin with a flower. Once the flower is pollinated, the pedals fall off and the fruit begins to develop. I've been fascinated as I've attended to the process of a flower turning into a vegetable. Other plants, like Kale, Cilantro, and Leeks will "bolt," that is, flower and set seed at the end of their season.

Here are a few pieces from the series (you can see more by clicking on the "flowers" tab)

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