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I prefer for my artwork to live safely in journals, sketchbooks, and the closet. My creations feel very personal because they embody an entire process of decisions. It feels strange and uncomfortable to quickly share a final product when there were so many layers that cover the decisions you'll never see unless you look very closely and ask many questions and really, really want to know. But still, there's no way to communicate such a thing. So I've remained closed. It's safe and comfortable and reserved for few people.

In April I was married to my incredible husband greg, who was the first person to successfully convince me to hang a few of my pieces on the wall. Although I still squirm as he proudly presents my Art to any and everyone who enters our home, I am grateful for the way he has warmed me up to sharing my work with others. In December, I was graciously offered a space to work in my Church, and was invited as Citywell's "Artist in Residence." That was my first (intentional) movement towards inviting others into my work. And now, here I am, opening myself to anyone who stumbles upon this site. Here, I will attempt to share my creation process.

With open hands, I invite you into this unexpected journey. I didn't desire or expect to work full-time as an Artist, nor have a website, and definitely never a blog. But in the few months of giving myself fully to this work, I couldn't imagine loving my day-to-day any more than I do. God is so good to grant our hidden desires.

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