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Mt. Kilimanjaro

Oil & Cold Wax, Tissue Paper on wood


 Acrylic Paint, Resin,

Ginko Leaves, Tissue Paper

This Piece was commissioned by a dear friend as a way to commemorate her time in Durham as a student at Duke University.  Painted and collaged in between layers of resin, the communion table is set in natural surroundings.  If you look closely, you'll notice Gingko leaves which form the chalice and are collaged throughout the composition.  Layers of tissue paper create a motif of the Gothic architecture of the Duke Chapel, a place that was particularly special for her while she was in Durham. 


Acrylic Paint on Canvas


My first ever animal portrait, "Stella" was commissioned as a surprise bridal shower gift from the mother in law of a bride who booked a painting of her wedding bouquet!  

The Groom's response upon receiving an image of the finished painting:

"I believe you painted a portrait of my fiancée's dog, Stella, on the request of my Mom?  I saw a photo of the pic today and you unequivocally captured the spirit of the animal, it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you."

Martin's Modest Office

 Oil and Cold Wax on wood


Commissioned by Self Help Credit Union

"Martin's Modest Office" hangs in the Lobby and displays an old VW Beetle: Self Help's first "office."  As the story goes, Martin Eakes recognized that low-income Americans were often unfairly denied opportunities to build wealth.  So, he began with what he had: Self Help's original headquarters consisted of a typewriter and file boxes in the back of his old VW beetle.  In the background, there are power lines which continue off into the horizon. Electrical power travels from a power plant to homes and businesses through a system called a power distribution grid.  When one line goes down, it affects everything else.  Like power lines, Self Help values the interconnectedness of everyone, especially those who are often excluded.  It supports the belief that a society becomes a strong vibrant community when all of its members are empowered.

A Vibrant Community

 Oil and Cold Wax on wood

two 67"x24" panels

Commissioned by Self Help Credit Union


This piece hangs hangs in Matthew's office, the branch manager of the dowtown Durham Self Help Credit union building. He asked for work to represent the way Self Help values the diversity of their clients. On the left panel, I painted a composition of diverse figures and faces.  On the right panel, a hand is depicted to represent Self Help's open-handedness to all people. Fingers transform into abstract figures and continue upwards.  Towards the bottom of the composition, I painted abstracted geometric shapes to represent the city it serves.

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